"Brian and I quickly struck up a rapport. As a successful business person he understood my challenges. His expert questioning was very effective and helped me to find and implement new ways for me to improve some critical issues."

Senior Aerospace Executive

"Brian was very effective in helping me open up new and better ways to communicate and achieve results in important negotiations, conflictive situations and in developing individuals and teams. He was able to get to the heart of my issues quickly and helped me tailor a roadmap which worked for me."

Corporate Finance Executive

"His approach was pragmatic and effective. He has been able to help me change my perspectives and some limiting behavioural issues for the better. He has strong authenticity, credibility and integrity as a coach."

Global Insurance Underwriting Executive

"I started working with Brian following promotion into the leadership role for the european region. He has been a key driver of my accelerated development in the position, especially with respect to engagement and spontaneity. Brian structured his approach at the start in a way that suited my learning style and remained flexible throughout, which I felt kept the process very relevant and personal from start to finish. It helped that Brian has senior level business experience himself which made our session more practical than theoretical and although the reading materials and psychometric tests were insightful our most productive sessions were face to face. Brian listens really well and seems to remember everything, storing comments away to challenge your thinking when you least expect it. A great experience I would strongly recommend."

Regional President, Global Services Group.

"Having reached a point in my career that required reflection and careful consideration of a number of alternative paths for the future, I worked with Brian for three months. I benefited enormously from his independent coaching and support. He selected options for supporting material that have enabled me to follow a process of self development whist relying on our face to face meetings for investigation, inspiration and sound advice to better my CV, interview technique and self confidence".

Tony H., International Sustainability Executive.

"Having coached alongside Brian, I know he brings a straightforward approach and a creative perspective to issues that executives face. Coupled with a relaxed manner and sincerity, this makes Brian an effective coach."

Independent Executive Coach.

"As a line executive and my corporate mentor coach, Brian Guest has always practised a pragmatic approach. He has been able to help me change my perspectives and some behavioral issues for the better. As a leader and coach he has strong authenticity, credibility and integrity and this has seen him touch the lives of numerous people of various nationalities."

Global Insurance Director.

"I entered the executive coaching process expecting to gain valuable insights on how to achieve my professional goals. I left it with a lot more. Even though I always considered myself a person with clear objectives and purpose, Brian Guest assisted me in fine-tuning and sharpening my focus and in establishing the true motivations that will ultimately result in fulfilling my inner-expectations. His ability to provoke deeper self-realization assisted me in my decision making process for crucial elements in my career, as well as in life in general. I highly recommend him to those who enjoy challenging, objective and intellectually stimulating discussions that lead to goal driven decisions."

Brazilian Global Executive.

"Brian Guest's coaching was fundamental in helping me prioritize my goals at a critical juncture in my life and career and in advising me in the establishment of a plan to achieve them. His broad, long term experience in international business and cross cultural interaction made him an ideal choice for my coaching needs. His approachability, use and analysis of assessments and creativity were essential in our work together and I would recommend him very highly to anyone considering executive coaching."

US Risk Management Executive.

"Over the past seven years and Brian Guest has contributed positively to both my performance and my career decisions. He has helped me to find clarity and to take the necessary steps to achieve my goals. He has helped me to make some positive behavioral changes in my approach to key co-workers, whilst sharpening my existing management skills. I appreciate his calm and collected style, which helps me to organize my thoughts and to better visualize and fine-tune my options."

International Business Development Manager.

"Brian Guest is a first class keynote speaker. He commands the audience from the moment he steps on stage and holds attention by presenting complex issues in a simple manner. He is able to ad lib to positive effect whenever required, but is always thoroughly prepared on his subject matter.

He has a friendly style, whilst maintaining an air of authority. His delivery is confident and he combines the past, the present and the future in order to consolidate his message, using real life situations seen during his international experience.

The audience leave one of Brian's presentations with something very tangible, but uplifted by the many motivational, personal and thought provoking points he has made."     

International Financial Services Executive.

"What I appreciated the most was his sincere attitude towards the subject of managing cross cultural teams, which made me confident that Brian Guest knows what he is talking about from his own experience. You can feel his passion for his subject and the way he shares his vast experience in this field was useful and thought provoking."                                                  

Bo B., Manager International Business, SPP Livförsäkring AB, Sweden.