Working internationally and cross-culturally presents many new and recurring challenges. Subtle issues of leadership style and approach, management, team-working and communication, amongst other things, can arise. Dealt with inappropriately these can easily lead to unintended and often hidden conflicts, inefficiencies and misunderstandings. The rewards for effective cross-cultural management and leadership are phenomenal.
Brian Guest knows first-hand the challenges having been thrown in at the deep-end in managing and interacting with teams from the three corners (or close thereto), of the Lewis Model:

In speaking at international conferences, workshops and symposiums Brian Guest uses examples from his personal experience and know-how in transformational leadership, change management, corporate culture, coaching and consulting in the international arena. This provides a powerful combination that can be adapted to suit individual circumstances.

Speeches have included:

Speaking can be adapted for new, prospective or mature multinationals.

Speaking Testimonials

"Brian Guest is a first class keynote speaker. He commands the audience from the moment he steps on stage and holds attention by presenting complex issues in a simple manner. He is able to ad lib to positive effect whenever required, but is always thoroughly prepared on his subject matter.

He has a friendly style, whilst maintaining an air of authority. His delivery is confident and he combines the past, the present and the future in order to consolidate his message, using real life situations seen during his international experience.

The audience leave one of Brian's presentations with something very tangible, but uplifted by the many motivational, personal and thought provoking points he has made."     

International Financial Services Executive

"What I appreciated the most was his sincere attitude towards the subject of managing cross cultural teams, which made me confident that Brian Guest knows what he is talking about from his own experience. You can feel his passion for his subject and the way he shares his vast experience in this field was useful and thought provoking."                                                  

Bo B., Manager International Business, SPP LivförsäkringAB, Sweden