As an executive coach, Brian specializes in leadership transition and career development coaching for senior executives and high potential managers working in international and financial services companies. His focus is on supporting newly promoted executives and high potentials to have the breadth and depth of general management skills necessary to be successful in their current and future roles.

In the last 8 years, he has coached executives and senior managers of 22 different nationalities across 6 continents and 5 major industries (Banking, Insurance, Chemical, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Distribution).

Brian’s coaching expertise includes leadership transitions, strategic leadership, multinational business management, multinational career development, performance management, communication skills, relationship and conflict transformation, influencing skills, time management, motivating others and cross-cultural flexibility.

Coaching PhilosophyCoaching Session

As a coach Brian believes in building on the strengths of individual leaders in achieving lasting results.

He challenges coachees to envisage better options for developing themselves and for overcoming self imposed, and sometimes newly perceived, obstacles to their success. This can also involve the executive investigating how they can improve their working relationships and better configure their teams and personal support to best make their own unique contribution and impact.

He supports coachees by leveraging his own experience and through a significant number of coaching solutions and tools he has integrated into his practice. His style has been described as personable, versatile and challenging.

Coaching Process

Brian’s coaching process typically involves tailoring an assessment element, often including 360 degree interviews and suitable psychometric instruments. There is then a goal setting phase and alignment with the sponsor or organisation as required. The coaching phase is often concluded with a reassessment to confirm that the desired results have been achieved.  

Structuring and Pricing

Coaching must be highly adaptable to individual and corporate circumstances, personalities, learning preferences and needs. There is not one size that fits all.

When appropriate and perhaps after an initial period, coaching can be performed by telephone or a mix of telephone and face to face. In all cases it can be supported by electronic communication.

Pricing is competitive and related to seniority.

Some Recent Coaching Assignments

Professional Certifications, Languages and Professional Affiliations